10 Fun Body Percussion Activities to Try!

25th June 2019
10 body percussion ideas

Over the past 10 weeks, we've been posting fresh body percussion games and activities for you to try. These are great for schools, community groups, or as energisers in a company meeting. Here is a quick summary of our 10 best body percussion picks! 

Pass the Clap

A very simple and effective starting point for a body percussion warmup. In its simplest form, each person claps in turn until it goes all the way around the circle. We've added lots of suggestions for how to develop it further. Click here.

Simple teaching ideas

Clapping Name Game

It makes sense to start of this series of body percussion and clapping game ideas off with a getting-to-know-you game. It works well with drums or percussion if you have them, but also with purely body percussion sounds. Click here.

Hot Potato

In this exercise the participants form pairs and pass the rhythm back and forward to each other like a hot potato! Click here.

Body percussion warmup

Boing Boing Wiggle

A simple but fun exercise using vocals and actions to get everyone being silly and to break boundaries. Teach the sequence of vocals and movements gradually. Once everyone has got them, get faster and faster until it all falls apart! Click here.Dance class

Don't Clap This One Back

Ok, so you might have come across this before, but we’ve added a variation that people love! Click here.

Drumming birthday party

Rhythm Slice

Create your own rhythms by breaking them down into tiny little chunks! Click here.

Body percussion teaching idea


Try this as a little teamwork and communication challenge with your class. It's very satisfying when it eventually works! Click here.

The Invisible Rhythm Circle

This activity is a quick, fun brainteaser and coordination challenge. Click here.

Coordination challenge clapping game

Feel the Beat

This is a great team building activity, with a competitive element. Everyone needs to be really tuned in to the rest of the group for it to work. Click here.

Team building

Gimme a High Five!

This body percussion activity is a challenge, but very satisfying when you get it right. Plus, everyone loves a high five! Click here.

Body percussion teaching idea