10 weeks of body percussion ideas - Week 1

8th April 2019
Simple teaching ideas

Forget drums and guitars, your body is an instrument! You can hum, clap and stomp music using just your body! Even if you do have other musical  instruments, these make great warmup activities for your class at the beginning the lesson. Why not even throw them into a maths or english class to energise your pupils? 

Every week for the next 10 weeks, we’ll be posting a new body percussion activity idea that we use in our own workshops. They make great warmups and energisers in the classroom or meetings. They can also be adapted for different difficulty levels, or to fit with a given topic or theme. 

Week 1 - Pass the clap

A very simple and effective starting point for a body percussion warmup. In its simplest form, each person claps in turn until it goes all the way around the circle. Here are some ideas for developing the activity further:

- pass a different sound, such as stamp

- pass a vocal sound

- each pass a different sound (i.e. 30 people, 30 different sounds)

- pass 2 or more alternate sounds

- pass 2 different sounds around the circle in opposite directions

- try it with your eyes closed

- double clap means change direction