10 weeks of body percussion ideas - Week 4

29th April 2019
Dance class

For our 4th week of fun body percussion ideas for teachers and facilitators to try, let me introduce you to "Boing boing wiggle"! It's a silly, fun and challenges your coordination skills and memory. I find it works well with Key Stage 1 and early Key Stage 2 children. Can be used in school or at a children's birthday party!

Week 4 - Boing boing wiggle

A simple but fun exercise using vocals and actions to get everyone being silly and to break boundaries. Teach the sequence of vocals and movements gradually. Once everyone has got them, get faster and faster until it all falls apart!

The whole thing goes like this:

boing, boing nod your head
honk, honk press you nose
ding, dong pull each ear
clap, clap clap, clap
slap, slap slap each thigh
stamp, stamp stamp, stamp
wiggle, wiggle shake your bum!

Top tip: You might want to practise it a bit before you try to teach it!