10 weeks of body percussion ideas - Week 6

13th May 2019
Body percussion teaching idea

This week's body percussion game can be also played with instruments, if you have them.  It's a simple and fun game, that can be delivered by any teacher.   You don't need to be a music specialist.  It can also be adapted in terms of difficulty level. We hope you enjoy it!  Try it, and let us know how it goes. 

Remember: music should be fun!

Rhythm Slice

Ask everyone to think of a number between 1 and 4 inclusive. Explain that you will keep counting to 4, and on their number, they should clap once. 

Once they have this, ask them to think of a 2nd number.  On this number, they tap their thighs. Again, the facilitator counts to 4, and now they clap on their first number, and tap on their 2nd. 

Continue until all numbers have been substituted with body percussion sounds. 

Here's some body sound suggestions:

  • clap
  • stamp
  • click
  • tap thighs
  • flat hand on chest
  • tap cheeks (not too hard!)
  • vocal sound
  • can you think of any more?

Further ideas

You can then ask them to take a 2nd number, then a 3rd until they eventually are doing something different on all 5 counts. Hereʼs an example:

  1. try different rhythms lengths, i.e. counting to 6 or 8. Or an irreglar number such as 5 or 7. 
  2. Once it feels established, stop counting out loud and see if everyone can keep in sync. 
  3. try it with "found sounds" around the classroom.
  4. use musical instruments.
  5. change the tempo (speed) of the counting.