10 weeks of body percussion ideas - Week 7

20th May 2019

For our 7th week of body percussion ideas and clapping games, here's something that often takes a group a bit of practise. It is very satisfying when it all comes together though. Try it as a little teamwork and communication challenge with your class. 


For this exercise, you'll need 2 rhythms in differing time signatures. For my first pattern, I usually use the well recognisable pattern in the player below (listen to "football rhythm 1" below). It's a good one to use because most people can clap it instantly, and it's a good length. For my second pattern, I use the same rhythm but add a 1-beat rest inbetween repeats (listen to "football rhythm 2" below).

Once the whole group can clap these rhythms fairly confidently, split the group into 2. 1 group clap rhythm 1, and the other group clap rhythm 2. You'll notice that both rhythms start the same and are in sync for the 1st time, however on the next repetition the rhythms will go out of phase from each other. It's up to each group to work together, concentrate, not speed up or slow down and eventually the rhythms will come back into sync with each other. How many times do you need to repeat the pattern before they come back together?