10 weeks of body percussion ideas - Week 9

17th June 2019
Team building

And here is the 9th instalment of body percussion ideas for you to try with your class or team. It's a great team building activity, with a competitive element. Everyone needs to be really tuned in to the rest of the group for it to work. 

Feel the beat

This one is very simple but good fun. Split into 2 or more teams with each team standing in a line all facing forward, like a conga line or a good old British queue! Gently tap a simple pattern on the back of the last person in the 1st team. They then tap the same rhythm on the next person's back, and so on until it gets to the person at the front of the line. This person then claps the rhythm. Give points for accuracy and tempo. 

Try it on the next team and so on. Scoring each time. 

Declare a winning team!