Shambala 2019 workshops!

16th May 2019
Shambala kids music workshops

Chango Music hit Playtopia once again for a packed weekend (22nd-25th August, 2019) of music making with the good citizens of Shambala Festival.  Suitable for humans aged 0-100 years.  If you've got your festival tickets, come by the Chango Music tent for some TOTES AMAZEBALLS family workshops. 

Here’s what we have in store for you lucky festival goers…

Drum Rebellion

Say no to extinction and yes to music!  Our big family drum circles are the stuff of legend. Join us as we drum, shake and tap our rhythms together.  Plenty of drums and percussion provided.  

80’s Rock Band 

In the spirit of the Extinction Rebellion, we thought we’d do ur bit to save an endangered music genre - 80’s Rock.  Using whatever noise makers we can find, we’re looking for band members of all ages to help us keep the dream alive!

Kids’ Capoeira 

Spin, kick, dodge and roll your way through this amazing Capoeira workshop. We’re very lucky to have a great teacher all the way from Brazil.  Learn the songs and the moves of this amazing art form. 

Coral Singing

No, that’s not a typo, just a very clever pun.  Join us in singing songs of the sea to help save our precious coral reefs from the threats created by human activity.

Recycled instruments

Create precious music from everyday junk.  Every day you’ll have the chance to make your own musical instruments to take away using recycled materials. We’ll also throw in some live music.  Do it for the kids: Recycle!

Strum to the Sun

Ukulele workshop open to all ages.  Grab one of our many Ukes, then strum and sing your appreciation for this beautiful planet we find ourselves on.  

Dance for Survival

Come and dance like life-as-we-know-it depended on it!  Everyday we’ll be dancing to infectious Afro-Caribbean rhythms brought to you by our very own dance crew. Shimmy, shake and lunge your way around Playtopia. 

Panto Extravaganza

What we lack in production value, writing skills and overall direction, we make up many times over with enthusiasm.  Join us on a bizarre quest to save someone from something or vice versa.  We’ll need as many helping hands as possible to complete our mission.